This website is a subdomain of—and it is aimed at students of web & graphic design. I have gathered together numerous resources that will hopefully encourage and educate, as well as being enjoyable and informative. As you may see by the navigation bar: I will be focusing on HTML and CSS in web design – and Photoshop and Illustrator with graphic design. Later on, I may include some work with InDesign as well as looking at some basic uses of Javascript and PHP.

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Key Services

These are the key services that I offer in my daily work as a designer. So if you'd like to hire me, That's Just Fine! – Just follow one of the links below to find out more about each creative discipline.

Web Design

In my experience of web design I have created numerous sites which have propelled my client's businesses and organisations to the next level.

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Graphic Design

Your Graphic Design should be clear and accessible to convey your message; but also there is a lot of room for creativity and style.

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eBook Publishing

I offer proof reading & editing, layout design and cover design. I can also help you to promote your book and place it in all the leading book stores.

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I enjoy working in all media: pencil, charcoal, pastels, clay, etc. I undertook a lengthy period of art education concluding with a degree in art & social context.

More about Artwork

Jarrod Drysdale in Design's Iron Fist: “Design serves content” is a cute aphorism…It will cause you much strife while working on a design…Are you willing to change your favorite aspect of a design in order to deliver the message with more clarity?

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